Burlesque Clothing! Burlesque T-shirts! Dive Bar Fashion! Retro T-Shirts! Geek Chic T-Shirts! Burlesque Inspired Design and Atternative Art! Burlesque Pin Up Showcase! Popular Naughty is your supplier of creative t-shirts with an old-school punk rock, geek chic, go-go club vibe. Welcome to the Nowhere Lounge of Fashion from the Popular Naughty- Small World Domination Conspiracy.

Burlesque-t-shirt-company, Popular Naughty for your alternative design artwear clothing in a burlesque vein

Burlesque T-Shirts with a punk rock edge from Popular Naughty.  Now infused with trashtastic t-shirt flavor molecules.



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Popular Naughty

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"Celebrating the
Popular Tarts"

Burlesque clothing and burlesque t-shirts

Punk rock t shirts and burlesque fashion for men and women.

Fashion forward t-shirt design for streetwear happy art thugs

Suicide Girls LOVE Popular Naughty

Burlesque style and punk rock fashion is sooo often co-opted by mainstream design houses that get some cool kids to do their design for a few days, but you can tell.  A smart troublemaker can see the design authenticity, the real edge of experimental clothing design, and the subtle snark of a right and proper cool-ass t-shirt.


  - Here comes Comic-Con 2011! Which means ANOTHER UNRELATED TO THE ACTUAL ORGANIZATION BUT PERFECTLY TIMED TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH, Comic-Con Burlesque Show in July 2011, in downtown San Diego!! Who's in?

"Stan Lee is my Homeboy"

In another month we'll have our "store" up and we look forward to draping you in exotic concoctions of ink and thread.


Popular Naughty is the darling of exotic streetwear for the smart person with an eye for alternative art, innovative music, design, and a ripping good life through superior diversification. Only the clever people seem to get that... you decide who YOU ARE!!

In other words...
Burlesque/Punk/Garage Rock/Monster/HotRod T-shirts

Burlesque Clothing
for the World Adventurer


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Burlesque- the Movie

Dancing Pig Burlesque

Steampunk Shirt

Old (vintage?) catalog


I am a designer, a GRAPHIC designer that LOVES the t-shirt as a medium.  I hope you do too.

\BURLESQUE!  It's the stuff!
burlesque t shirt with masuimi-max-burlesque-t-shirt queen

Yeah boys and girls, that IS Masuimi Max wearing the SexBomb t-shirt.  She's a player!

Cool streetwear for the geek about town.



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monster demolition streetwear and cool t shirts for geeks, studs, and princesses of darkness

Our four new designs will be up shortly.

We are at booth 1617 in the San Diego Comic Con big room sharing a couple of tables with the world famous THREADLESS Clothing!

Burlesue monster t shirt

burlesque clothing blog about t-shirts, style design, burlesque t-shirts, and monsters
after Comic Con 2012




Dang it!  Fake Rapture AGAIN!

Well that's okay.

Our secret rulers want YOU to join them and choose an even armageddonier armageddon day... with STYLE.

Join the Illuminaughty!  All you have to do is own this Lucha Libre / Sci Fi / Geekcentric uber fashion tshirt and you are IN!


Popular Naughty LOVES the Armageddon


SHOP till the world drops!  We are horrible creatures, we are BOUND to get Ragnarok right.  Well, the REST of the goofs are horrible people.  Not us.  We're cool.



Available in 2 diff shirt bodies, male and female, female shown here. 
It has a diff sleeve y'know. Only in black, because that's cool.  Don't worry, the male shirt is even bad-assier.

illuminaughty, destroy all wrong futures


And a little something to listen to while you order.  Yes, it IS Chrome. Yes it is EXACTLY right on the nose, but it's a great song. 
Popular Naughty  Webzine of Burlesque /Lifestyle Lounge of T-shirts, Clothing, and Art

Burlesque t-shirt fashion- betty (as inspired by Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese)


Burlesque t-shirt fashion- Betty

burlesque sexbomb t-shirt, t-shirts for the vigorous

Besides our Burlesque Clothing, we design OTHER STUFF.


Cool new Steampunk Design for our Gaslamp Quarter's Shopping Tour.  I got to design it and I think it turned out pretty cool.

Steampunk Design Style


burleque t-shirts for the spicy

creature from the haunted sea- bw movie monster- burlesque monster

Alt Art punk rock burlesque t-shirts,
a balm for the absurdist in you.

Burlesque t-shirt Sales and specials on Burlesque t-shirts

Get in on it right here! We don't email out very often, you just a shot at new designs at a really good debut price.

THIS SITE is going through a complete reboot. Still working on it conceptually. Keep checking back.


I'm never going to to clean up this mess. Starting over at DangerFactory.com
THe point of it all is to showcase a design style that celebrates burlesque and it's truest definition of making a mockery out of pleasant society.

We do this with T-Shirts!.. Yep, the good old punk rock communication vehicle, a cool t-shirt.  Infused with the essence of a burlesque house, dive bar, hot malcontent soul.

The punk rock kids are coming into power, we love the burlesque style.  We are the Velvet Higherground.  We are the children that you spit on, an we were uite aware of what we were going through.

Even if you DON'T dig burlesque imagery, wild pop art, sarcastic/ironic hipster commentary; this site is going to be SUCH a resource for samplings of the odd.  Of course our primary impetus will be to SELL SOME clothing, art, and punk rock/burlesque merchandise, it will also be a lovely clearinghouse of the the unusual.  So sign up, bookmark, keep coming back and we will titillate your mind beyond your wildest geeky dreams.

It's authentic, it's okay to love it.



Wanted:  Fashion designers that play with the burlesque motif, artists, creatives and other clever creatures!  Besides the punk retro /dive bar designs we like to sport, we'd love to showcase YOUR design style.  Just send us a pic and a pitch, we'll jabber on about your genius.

Also comic books stuff, we're hardcore geeks here at Popular Naughty.  Massively hearting all geek realities: horror, sci fi, pin up, superhero, Mexican superhero wrestlers, kitsch, alternative art. vintage... all that stuff, LOVE IT! Yeah, I love comic books, you gotta problem with that?  Comic books kick ass.


PLUS:  As you may have noticed, we're building one page shrines to burlesque performers.  Take it!  Send me a short bio, a couple of cool pics and I'll put one up for YOU (if you are a burlesque performer).  Yeah!  FREE!  Because it's a cool thing to do (and I'm hyperactive).

Send in your burlesque persona info!

As we build our online t-shirt store selling the finest quality burlesque t-shirts, punk rock t-shirts and dive bar fashions, we are considering adding some other products like pasties and tiki mugs.  Do you think a quality tiki department would be a fun shopping addition?


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t-shirt kulture

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and the clever


Burlesque Clothing,
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Fashion design t-shirts for the positive, adventurous human in the world. Our vintage / retro inspired fashion designs are here to emphasize your style statements.  Subtle graphics that lend themselves to layering with your own fashion while teasing in their own burlesque way make Popular Naughty fashion designs versatile and superflexible.


Like saucy superstars of burlesque!
And FREE things! And Robots! And Mermaids! And Bigfoots!
And Oblivia Nuetron Bomb!

Contact? rex <atsymbol> empiremedialab.com

Pin Ups, Cocktail Kulture, pin up models, all of that is in Popular Naughty, a burlesque inspired graphically charged, punk rock, streetwear line built for malcontents and provocateurs.





Burlesque is
the spicy
side of geek culture.



Okay NEXT YEAR we are all going to be on the same page right?

co-promote, maybe do a group shirt design?

Popular Naughty - Post Modern Image Saucemaking via burlesque t-shirts




Think... the taunting wit of burlesque, the teasing of our selves and the silly people in charge. It is keywordy like... streetwear, street wear, fashion store, fashionstore, club wear, skate wear, urban clothes, urban wear, urbanwear, mode store, modestore, online-shop market, art wear, and things like that. But think. Please think.

Streetwear for thee clever minded. We are ALL about the streetwear, happy sarcastic people that can see the world and walk across it as if it were a canvas. think... Hot, urban street and clubwear for the luxury minded malcontent

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